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Summit Topics


How InsurTechs are raising money


Covid-19 has reprioritized what InsurTech advances matter most right now, and what innovations will receive investment in the future.


InsurTech is introduced often through the launch of startups , new companies centered around a technological advance and fueled by investor money.

InsurTech trends

InsurTech advances in vogue for 2021 are taking a different track than in 2019 and even 2020.


InsurTech technology gaining attention in 2021 focuses more on the customer, addressing more practical challenges to the user experience.

Tech Shopping

What technology are carriers, agents and claims professionals looking for.

Survival of the Fittest.

Some of the newest InsurTechs out there will make their case for support, survival and success at this year’s InsurTech Virtual Summit. COVID-19 made a profound impact on InsurTechs’ growth strategies and we’ll discuss how the pandemic is shaping them in 2021. We also evaluate the financial tools InsurTechs are using to survive and thrive.

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